Fully Automated Clay Shooting Course Available to Residents of Kissimmee, FL & Surrounding Areas

Clay Shooting Kissimmee FLIf you are seeking out the most authentic clay shooting experience near Kissimmee, Florida, or a surrounding area, head on over to Catfish Creek Sporting Clays. We are located on the picturesque Lake Pierce on the FFA grounds and can offer a shooting experience that is unseen throughout the rest of this region. Our clay shooting course is built unlike any other because we offer 23 fully-automated stations with completely hidden clay launchers to perfectly simulate the experience of real life hunting. And, our launches will toss the targets far above the tree line in an effort to make you feel like you are hunting real pigeons.

What’s more, at Catfish Creek Sporting Clays we offer residents of Kissimmee, FL, and all surrounding areas, a unique clay shooting experience because we can provide:

  • On-site hotel accommodations with several amenities including swimming pools, free-standing villas, and an air-conditioned dining hall
  • Rental options including shotguns, golf carts, and safety equipment, that allow us to accommodate shooters of all skill levels
  • Well-built stands that offer more than the traditional, boring, 4×4 stands that detract from the shooting experience
  • And more

To learn more about our impressive clay shooting course that is available to residents of Kissimmee, FL, and the surrounding areas, contact Catfish Creek Sporting Clays today. Walk-ins are generally accepted, but we encourage you to call in advance to make sure that the course hasn’t been rented out for a private event or tournament.