Club Rates | Rules


Catfish Creek uses the Promatic cards and system to count the number of clay targets thrown so guests can shoot as much, or as little, as they like. Upon checking in, staff will assign a card to each person or group. We have 4 person golf carts and shotguns for rent as well as ammunition for sale.

We also offer Prepaid Cards for shooters to come out on their own time (with the exception of NSCA shoots & private events). Cards loaded with 1000+ are awarded member prices of $.35 per clay, with no membership fee. Cards under 1000 can also be awarded for $.48 per clay, unless you are or would like to become a member.


  • All guests must fill out a waiver upon their first visit
  • Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times
  • Guns are to be loaded ONLY when you’re on the stand ready to shoot with TWO shots maximum
  • At any other time guns must be unloaded, open and safely secured
  • NEVER exit a stand with a loaded gun
  • Valid IDs are required for all gun rentals
  • No alcohol or drug use are permitted during or before visiting the course

Anyone who does not comply with rules/staff instructions will be asked to leave.